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The Mirror Effect of Mother Earth

June 17, 2021

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Master Kirael through Kahu Fred SterlingLet us talk about Mother Earth, one of the younger evolutionary planets. When I speak of a mirror effect, I mean that you and Mother Earth reflect each other. To put this mirror effect into perspective, I will lay out the similarities between you and Mother Earth.The Many Parallels Between You and Your Planet As a human being, you have—in most cases—two aspects of your higher, spiritual self working alongside you at some level of consciousness.

These two aspects are usually a little older than you and geographically far away from you. Your aspects are the same absolute projection of you, just in different forms and on different journeys. As the youngest of your aspects, you will go into the fourth light when the shift happens, taking with you all the downloaded knowledge of the other two aspects of your higher self, both of whom will go to another level of consciousness.

Mother Earth also has two aspects of her higher self that are absolute projections of her beingness. And she is also younger than the two other aspects, neither of which is within range of her physical body. You do not know of these two other aspects because your scientists have knowledge of only 6 percent of the cosmos, and these Earth aspects are beyond that 6 percent.

Being the youngest of her higher self’s aspects, Mother Earth will be the only one moving into the fourth light. The other two planetary systems are no longer in the third dimension; they have already moved into other dimensions. Your higher self, also known as your omnipresent brain, has contact with these other dimensions. Mother Earth is ready to go into the fourth light as soon as she can get her parts together—those would be you humans.

Humans have two mental weaves, or two consciousnesses: a local brain and an omnibrain. The local brain is the brain you use in your daily life, and the omnibrain is your spirit brain, which resides outside your body. Mother Earth also has two consciousnesses. She has a very concise, lived-in reality focus that is part of your reality, and it knows everything it needs to know about you and what you do with the planet. Outside of that consciousness is what you might call Mother Earth’s higher self. In my realm of consciousness, we call it Mother Earth’s “self” because it is the fullness of her consciousness.

So you can see how parallel and connected your mutual journeys are. Many of your questions today will be about what your relation to Mother Earth is and what it means to get through this great shift in consciousness. Many of my answers will come from the combined consciousness of Mother Earth’s local brain and her omnipresence. Let us get started.

Mother Earth's Four-Body System

Does Mother Earth have a four-body system like humans, and do her four bodies tie into our four bodies and our ascension into the fourth dimension?

Yes, Mother Earth indeed has a four-body system. When you put your foot down and touch Mother Earth, you are touching her physical body. The next body out is her emotional body, which is you humans. It is the love experience that balances everything in this journey called life. Next out is her mental body, which is between her physical body and the ozone layer. It is where the local brain that holds all of your thought patterns is woven into her journey and trying its best to expand in light. Every time you have a love-filled thought, Mother Earth’s mental body expands. Interestingly, when something negative happens or you have a negative thought, it does not cause her mental body to shrink, but it does not make it any bigger, either.

Finally, the next body out is Earth’s spirit body, or her higher self, which is the ozone layer and may be about 100,000 miles wide. The Earth’s consciousness is woven into the weave of its spiritual body. On the outside of this weave is the God- Creator’s weave. If you want to talk to Mother Earth, go out beyond the weave of her spirit body. You will feel the presence of the God-Creator beyond your wildest expectations, because Earth’s spirit body is woven into the God-Creator. Mother Earth balances these weaves and is always in love.

Lie on Mother Earth. Stretch your hands out and take hold of her hair—that beautiful green grass—so you can feel her. Sink into her and understand: She is the God-Creator, just as you are the God-Creator. You are all one God-Creator.

You may have a differently colored body, a differently sized body, a male or female body, but you are all particles of the God-Creator.

What is the importance of the four-body system for Mother Earth and humans, and how long has Mother Earth been the home of human beings?

This planet was brought into being to afford you the opportunity to reincarnate as human beings on an evolutionary planet in the third dimension. You are not in service to the God-Creator.

You are a project of your God-Creator. The four-body system— physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—is meant for this third-dimensional journey. That is why you and Mother Earth alike have four-body systems. You are the balance to Mother Earth’s body, and you are journeying to move from the balance of duality to the balance of love. Mother Earth will journey with you—you mirror each other.

Your Journey Into the Balance of Love Humans inhabited this planet as long as 90,000 years ago, but they were a whole other system of people and looked nothing like the humans of today. When Lemuria started 50,000 years ago, inhabitants from other planetary systems were on your Earth plane to rectify some things and create a more balanced space.

Some of you have been reincarnating onto the Earth plane in that balanced space since that time. You are always seeking balance because it is one of the features of a third dimensional world. All the negative and horrible things that are happening on the Earth plane are in balance somewhere.

Everything on Earth is always in balance. That balance is the balance of duality, or opposites, where every negative is balanced by a positive. Your world is shifting into the balance of love, where love will balance love.

Do you equate love with balance?

Absolutely. Balance is love. If you understand balance, you will know that oil spills and dirty politics and such are playing a part in the journey. You have to be aware of that before you can ask yourself what part you will play, because whatever part you play must be played in love. Do not play if you are unwilling to be in love, because you will be out of balance.

Love is balance; balance is love. You will reach true balance when you no longer do journeys that are not lovebased.

Love is the one goal that you are all obsessed with. If you are not, you will miss out on this shift and go to another third-dimensional journey. Those who listen to a program like this are doing their best to understand love. The bottom line of your journey is to come to love. If you are struggling with that understanding, just let go and bolster the love into your presence. You will be in balance.

Mother Earth’s DNA and Age How many DNA strands does Mother Earth have? Mother Earth has twelve-stranded DNA—the ultimate journey. She can go to the fifth, sixth, or seventh light as we speak, but right now she is operating on only two strands because she is accommodating and reflecting the duality experience for you. She does this so she can fully process the third dimension and go to the fourth dimension with you on board. Just as you want to heal, so does she. In the fourth dimension, she will use four strands of DNA to accommodate your journey.

Because Mother Earth’s twelve strands of DNA are always active when she needs them, they could get inside the oil spill that happened in the Gulf and make it disappear in an instant, but that would happen only if the God- Creator saw fit for it to happen. You have to journey through these sorts of human-made disasters to learn lessons that will bring you to your higher consciousness. Things would have to get drastically out of hand for the God-Creator to shortcut your journey.

As far as soul age is concerned, is Mother Earth a medium-aged soul like the majority of lightworkers? In other words, is she a reflection of us where age is concerned?

No. She is an ancient being, on target to be in the bottom stages of the old soul. Mother Earth’s age is irrelevant to her current journey. She reflects your two-stranded DNA, but if she wanted to, she could pop in her twelve strands of DNA and leave you behind.

How old is Mars, and why wasn’t it chosen to be the habitat for humans?

Mars is younger than Earth. Mars had life and water on it at one time, but the life form was not an Earth human-type life. It was more along the lines of the Aquilian race. Earth was chosen by the God-Creator to accommodate humans because it is neither too far from nor too close to the Sun. Earth is an atom-based planet, where everything is derived from the atom. You vibrate in alignment with the Earth plane because your journey is acclimated to Mother Earth, just as everything between you and Mother Earth is acclimated.

The Earth’s Thought Band and Omnibrain I have read about a thought band surrounding the Earth. Can you clarify if such a thought band or thought weave exists? This band of thought about which you speak is the mental weave of humans, and you participate in it 100 percent of the day. Outside your physical body are the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Your mental body has two frameworks functioning 100 percent of the time. The local brain, the one you use every day, is inside the ozone layer and is part of Mother Earth’s mental weave. As I mentioned before, when you get enough positive, light-filled thoughts into this band, it expands and never shrinks back, no matter what. You are the God-Creator incarnate on that level of consciousness.

You have been here a long time. You went to Lemuria and became fifth-dimensional beings, but Lemuria could not sustain a fifth-dimensional journey at that time. So you lifted your goddess light and let Lemuria sink into the ocean, and later you came back as third-dimensional beings. In other words, this band of thought, this mental weave you are talking about, had sprung out so far that it took up most of the energies and nothing was left for it to learn.

You had twelve-stranded DNA as fifth-dimensional beings, and your learning was complete. The God-Creator’s energies put you all to sleep for three days after you left this journey—the three days of darkness—and literally shrank that band of thought back down so you could become third-dimensional beings again. Now you must journey back to the fifth dimension by going through the fourth dimension, which you are shifting into as we speak. Every time you have a grand, light-filled thought, whether it is about a relationship, a job, or something else, it goes into the weave of the local brain and expands it. Once you have filled that weave with enough light-filled thoughts, it is ready to move into the fourth dimension, then the fifth dimension, and so on and so forth. Is our omnibrain the same as or different from Mother Earth’s? The omnibrain of Mother Earth is the exact same omnibrain that you can tap into. You can talk to her higher self just as you talk to your own higher self, by going beyond the ozone layer. If you go to Mother Earth’s omnibrain, be prepared to talk to it on a fifth-dimensional level. It remembers you as fifth-dimensional beings. It speaks to your local brain, where the information is downloaded from the omnibrain in a format you can understand. You might ask it, “God-Creator, Mother Earth, what is the plan for this shifting journey?” The omnipresence or omnibrain will explain the three days of darkness and what you will do during those three days.

Natural Disasters and the Goddess Light How are the recent natural disasters and economic crises related to Mother Earth’s need to cleanse herself of negative energies? These so-called disasters should help cleanse Mother Earth, but they are not succeeding. Remember that your thoughts are part of Mother Earth’s mental weave, so even the economic crises are part of the cleansing process. These natural and human-made disasters are just wake-up calls for everybody. They are without a doubt being balanced someplace, because God-Creator balances everything on a third-dimensional plane.

Everything is woven into Mother Earth’s mental body, and when you weave the mental body and the higher self, you create the balance. I will say it again because it is so important for you to understand: You can get more light energy into Mother Earth’s local brain, which is the same as your local brain, by keeping your thoughts light-filled. If you do, Mother Earth’s local brain will never shrink back. It will keep getting larger and larger, and that is what will carry you more quickly into the shift. The process of weaving to create balance is the personification of your healing journey on this Earth plane.

Is the goddess light a weave of the Creator? And how does it affect Mother Earth?

Yes. The goddess light is the essence of the Creator’s force. Males have a Y-chromosome because somebody has to fight the wars over here. The X-chromosome is the goddess chromosome, if you will. Jesus had a double X. The goddess energy is about love and humbleness; it surrounds Mother Earth and is now making itself known on this plane of consciousness. America is a good place to watch for the rise of goddess energy, because you have elections coming up and women will gain a lot of new seats. Be prepared to have a woman president when the time is right, because this whole journey is to get to the goddess light.

If you behave as a goddess, you will be seen as a goddess. And if you are seen as a goddess, you will be seen as God-Creator’s particles. At that point, you will never experience being mad or angry, because you will be the essence of the God-Creator. The God-Creator has never had a mad or angry space in its light. With only loving thoughts to feed it, Mother Earth’s mental body will expand beyond your wildest dreams, and you will quickly shift from duality to love and light. You have no idea just how special and powerful the goddess light, or divine feminine energy, is.

Meditate Deeply and Often to Expand the Earth’s Mental Weave What must we do to perfectly align and communicate with Mother Earth’s spiritual body?

One word: “meditation.” Most of you have either forgotten how to meditate or you are just lazy or not interested in doing it. You were all fifth-dimensional beings in Lemurian times, and you can access that energy by meditating. If you prana breathe and bring the photon energy into your meditation, you can go beyond the ozone layer to Mother Earth’s higher self in an instant and get answers to just about anything you are interested in. You must get into meditation to get outside the physical body. When you do, you will find that you are limitless because you are no longer confined by the physical body.

What will happen if we are not sufficiently in love when the shift happens?

By the time the mental weave has expanded enough to move through the shift, it will suck you into the journey, and you will find your love. It is so empowering to be aware of and reach Mother Earth’s mental weave through meditation. You will go through stages. As you get better at meditation, you will achieve balance. If you can achieve balance no matter what gets thrown at you in the next couple of years—and a lot will be thrown at you—you will not participate in it. Get into Mother Earth’s mental weave. Go outside the ozone layer, talk to her higher self, and it will tell you about the fifth-dimensional energy that you will be when you grow up to be big like me! Master Kirael, you recently said that meditation for us is nonnegotiable.

What did you mean?

When you are ready to meditate, you will. You all will meditate eventually, and when you do, you will expand your local brain, the mental weave of Mother Earth. If all of you were able to expand Mother Earth’s mental weave in the now, through meditation, you would go into the shift before 2012 or 2015 or 2018. Everyone has a different date for the shift, but the date will be determined by how often you meditate and fill that band of thought with light. If you meditate, you must have the courage to go deeply into the meditation. You need courage, because you will be outside of this physical realm. The medium travels to the fourth dimension as a ball of light. You can go anyplace as a ball of light. When you meditate, you can go out of this weave of consciousness into the next set of weaves, and then to the next and the next and the next. You will find the answers to all your questions.

What will happen when we meditate and enter Mother Earth’s spiritual body?

You will be able to access the past and the future if you like. If you go into meditation and travel back to the very closing stages of Lemuria when you were a fifth-dimensional energy, you will find yourself in a beautiful ten-foot body process. The past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously. The past and future are not lost or tucked away. They are here in the present, and you can reach them in meditation.

A Trip Back in Time to the End of Lemuria Let’s practice with a meditation: Take a couple of deep breaths, and be aware that a stream is coming through you right now. Your atoms of light have a stream within them that allows you to go where you have been before. Take another deep breath. This stream of light will go all the way back to the time when Lemuria was ending. Travel with me and look at your ten-foot bodies and know that this is possible. Now turn around and look at the ocean and see the land sinking into it.

Yet you are not crying a single tear, because you know you will be guiding the new dimension onto the Earth plane for some time.

Say your blessings for Lemuria, for it will be some time—thousands of lifetimes—before you get back up into the fifth-dimensional journey. Know that it is your God-Creator who deemed this whole process available for you. Now shake your hands out and transfer your energies back into planet Earth. Turn your back on Lemuria and say good-bye. Come back here with me now.

What happened to the people of Lemuria when it went into the ocean? What were they thinking and feeling?

The Lemurians dematerialized along with the plant life and returned to the God-Creator’s light. If you want to know what the Lemurians were thinking at the time, go out in nature and smell the flowers and feel the grass on your feet and go skinnydipping in a stream. But before you step into the water, go to the edge and pat the water with the intention of sending photon energy into it. You’ll know exactly what they were thinking at the time Lemuria went into the ocean. They thought, “I’m done. Thank you, God-Creator!” Even the beautiful mother tree was willing to go. It too let go of everything and became particle lights of the God-Creator.

They were feeling great. When you die, you get out of the body and you feel free. You have no aches, pains, cares, or woes. You are love, love, love, and more love. You may ask, “What about the guy who killed somebody and the cops who killed him?” They will all be love, because what they did on the Earth plane was just part of their journeys.

The End of the Third Dimension As we shift into the fourth dimension, will the physical planet of Mother Earth be here, or will it shift out of existence? The same thing that happened in Lemuria will happen on Earth. The third dimension is being mirrored by the fourth dimension, which will come down onto the Earth plane and actually absorb it into its own body process. At the same time, Mother Earth’s four-stranded DNA will reach up into the fourth dimension and put it into herself. Literally, the third dimension will be gone within 100 years of the great shift—maybe 110 years at the most. I don’t want to scare you, but there will be some devastation on this planet in the last stages as the fourth dimension comes down, because it will take everything out of here.

Some of you will be left on the third dimension while the fourth dimension is here, and you will have to figure out which one is which. You will feel a little jealous if you are stuck in the third and looking for the fourth dimension, but don’t be. You are the God-Creator, and the crunch that will come down on the Earth plane will eventually be too strong for you to stay here. When that happens, you will go to the fourth dimension. You will not sit around trying to hold up the mass of energy that comes down. You will be absorbed into it just as you were in Lemuria.

Your journey is connected to Mother Earth’s. Your journeys are so intertwined that you are a reflection of each other. She is nothing without you, and you cannot be third-dimensional humans without her. Your every thought affects Mother Earth and determines the state of her four bodies. If you want to heal Mother Earth, heal yourself. Honor Mother Earth by honoring yourselves.

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