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Locking in the Zero point in the quantum field

June 17, 2021

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The veils are thinning and the constant outpouring of cosmic light reveals another timeline to the rainbow warriors who are fearlessly maneuvering the storms. This mega whirl blowing in now requires us to choose which matrix of energy we will be attuned as the greater shifts take place.

The astounding work we are doing has reached a pinnacle point of a much higher arc of light as an enlightened collective. There have been numerous accounts coming in from light servers who are experiencing a type of "crossing over" process, one that is tapping into a new quantum field and remaining within it for extended periods of time. It has been consistently described as a seamless and all too familiar space of "no time" where peace and clarity fill a suspended, most blissful void.

It is evident that the portals into the New Earth reality are opening and it is now a process of getting us and everyone on to and across the bridge! 

The Zero Point Field Emerges

This quantum field of energy is now more pronounced, as it merges simultaneously with the old, subtlety and gracefully, yet, with a completely different pattern. It is non linear. It is not controlled by time and it is not entered through formulas and spin ratios. Its benevolent pulse is constant and most lovingly uplifting. When we enter into its rhythm, everything of a stressful nature quickly drops away as if nothing ever mattered anyway. No praying is required because all prayers are already heard before they are even prayed. It simply knows.

It is another consciousness octave that, through the acceleration, it brings all who enter it into a seeming decelerated state of... suspension. Could this be the Zero Point field that we are entering and that we have heard so much about?

As we make passage into this deeper ecology of consciousness, some of us are experiencing a type of slowing down and de-spiraling on the inner realms. The mirrored projection is pure peace, outside of any confining structures. It is a creative stream of energy that allows for spontaneous manifestation, yet, not through our thoughts but through a destined and willed akashic force. The Law of Attraction, as we have known it, becomes null and void.

As we advance our consciousness, we become more sensitively attuned to this quantum field of Divine Potential. Through our expanding intuitive and telepathic capabilities from the developing right brain, we are more easily connecting to this field and living harmoniously attuned to the rhythm of One.

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