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June 17, 2021

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To judge a person is to measure them. That act of measurement literally in a consumer setting turns another person into a commodity by your judgement. Once a person has been measured and the society assigns economic values to a person and their life actions. That reduces what a person does down to only economic choices in their life. This removes personal development or other measurement choices. Consumer profit based judgement in the end removes kindness as a life measurement and without kindness a person loses their own essence. In a "for profit based society", it means to always cut costs to maximize profits. In the end it's our own humanity that gets cut out of the picture early in the process. The current capitalistic economic system will burn out the planet for this one single reason. Because once we stop caring for ourselves, we stop caring for the place we live within also. Humanity has trivialized its own existence down to economic terms. Right now we are witnessing the destruction of our very planet... All only because we judge ourselves, and this society only judges itself to profits... We need to release both Judgement and a cash profit attitude and shift back towards kindness and balance.

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