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Experiencing the Cosmic Whole the Beings

June 17, 2021

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The Beings Andromeda through Akkaakze~ Beloved, we greet you today in your abundance of love
and peace. May grace enter your being as we visit this day
together with you in your Earth plane. You have been sensinga gradual shift occurring on your planet Earth. Many
things you once took for granted are crumbling all around
you, and you sense fear and discord within your being and
without. Trust us, beloved, that the changes you witness
today will bring forth peace and love in the coming months. Your Inner Self Is Reaching Out In your personal life, you may feel a restlessness like no other. It is as if your energy center is vibrating at a higher level than what is normal for you. It is nothing to fear, beloved, for this energy center is in contact with the universe. All is well, as all is evolving. And your inner self is reaching out now for the cosmic whole.
You may ask, “What is this cosmic whole?” It is the entirety of eternity—past, present, and future—that is encapsulated within the universe that sustains you. The cosmic whole is where we live and belong, yet many are not fully aware of this reality or open to it. It is multidimensional and open to those who are ready to merge with it.
As your inner self vibrates at a rapid pace, it is alerting you to the need to merge with the cosmic whole. And this merging can be realized. To achieve oneness with the whole, there are a few steps you must take to allow the vibration of your inner self to manifest itself in waking life simultaneously with the cosmic life. The life force is waiting for you to reveal your innermost self to the all. Once you connect to the wellspring of infinity, you will discover that you are indeed a limitless being.Melding with the Universe To begin, spend some moments in silent meditation, eyes closed. Seek within for the spark of divine light that is residing in your inner core. This is the light of your vibration. Notice the color and how it oscillates through each color of the rainbow. This is indicative of a total chakra vibration. You should feel alive, beloved, totally alive. Hold on to this light. Next, envision the universe as a blanket that supports your being. Feel the warmth that the blanket provides, and cuddle deep into the loving embrace of the cosmic whole. By now the vibration within you should be escalating to a higher frequency. Be attentive to the light within and the warmth without. When you sense the veil between the two thinning, it is time to merge with the one.
As you embrace the light within and are embraced by the cosmic whole, you can allow the inner core to meld with the universe. Breathe deeply. Breathe in the vastness of space, the peace of creation, the glory of perfection. Hold that breath and allow those images to meet with your inner light. When exhaling, release the air slowly while envisioning your inner light radiating out from your being and into the vastness of the cosmic whole that sustains you. Slowly take ten deep and reflective breaths in this manner, beloved, and they will fully align you with the universe. You will find yourself at one with the cosmic whole. Be especially attentive to the insights you receive at this time. The universe is willing to reveal itself ever more fully to those who take time to look and listen. Beloved, your time is now. Enter the cosmic whole with peace and love.

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