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Doorway to Enlightenment

June 16, 2021

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Love is your doorway to enlightenment. Raising your vibration comes from opening your heart. You can open your heart more by loving yourself. Love all parts of yourself, even those thoughts and feelings you may have labeled as negative. If you feel anger or doubt, love those feelings as much as you love your feelings of joy and peace. Love your humanity as well as your divinity. Love your insecurities and your negative feelings. If you feel unforgiving or unloving, love those feelings too. Love all of what you call your “imperfections.” You won’t change them by denying or hating them. You change them by loving them. As you love your negative feelings they can evolve into their positive expressions.

Love all your thoughts, even those that are limited or fearful. Think of them as small children needing your love and assurance. If you catch a negative thought, don’t make yourself wrong for having it. Love all your negative thoughts and they will have far less power over you. If you are imaging things you want to stop thinking about, love yourself for thinking them and it will be easier to stop. Put a positive thought alongside your negative thought; one positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative ones…

You can love your negative feelings, and thus raise their vibrations out of limitation into the light, or you can hate and resist them. Hating them gives them even more power over you. Love your humanness; it is what you are here to experience and learn from. Love your weaknesses as well as your strengths, for those are the ones that most need your love to evolve. As you love your negative feelings, your world expands and your choices increase.”

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