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June 17, 2021

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✡ Divinity ✡ It comes in waves of unstoppable inspirations, rising, rising it live in unrest,
“Hear me, hear me it struggles to be seen not yet knowing the mystery that
exists inside this adventure”. You awaken trouble Divineness discontent,
it will not sleep nor wait to be invited barging in it doesn’t ask for your permission. The agreement was made long before you came, yet the body forget the mind reject,
“It can not be, it can not be- Who am I you ask?
Just small and afraid this can’t be mine to own.
Who are you the World calls out?
To demand proof of a worthy calling, an agreement previously made before you
understood how afraid you would be when you stood at the edges of what
Human believe of what is possible. A worthy argument falls on deaf ears unheard and dismissed it will not entertain denial.
It fights to be release from the womb of your imagination the pain becomes unbearable.
So much so that you do not have a choice than you surrender;
you surrender to Love in spike of your fears,
you sit unwrapped and vulnerable.
It is as it must be, stepping out of the illusion that you are alone greeted by open arms. Celebrate this victory of revealing the truth of who you are; magnificent,
magnificent you heard they exclaim.
The Love is overwhelming it a travesty to the core of your being,
everything you think you have known crumbles away until nothing is left.
Dusty remanence of self deceit a whole design to protect once impermeable,
you now open to truth and everything else just falls away.
The awakenings send you into a blissful explosion of laughter;
you feel and know the truth of your divinity, your connection to all that is
and ever was and you are one with everything. Expose and naked you realized the sweetness of surrender expanding
into knowledge in one moment. You now know what it feels to be whole and complete;
you now know my dear, how does it feels.
The emptiness disappears feeding into distant memories held before
you discovered that you were in Heaven all the while;
magnificent and brilliant is who I know you to be and even if this moment passe
s you will carry it with you forever;
you will share in your smile, your touch, your heart, your words, your presence. It will be impossible to forget this brilliant glimpse of your truth,
meeting yourself for the first time is not something to be forgotten.
You are magnificent, brilliance in your divinity.
Be willed in your miracle you have no other choice to embrace this knowing,
it is you who is glorious and perfect; you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.
You bring hope to a wounded World; you bring Love to the broken hearted.
After all you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity. Take this step my beloved
for you are ready, you are ready to fully embrace your power,
you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity. Do you know how deeply you are loved? How special you are?
God smile at the mere sound of your voice; the beating of your heart,
you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.
The angels sing and dance belayed to bare witness to the miracle of your birth.
For you are the One, you are the only, you are the One.
Dance my sweet; it is time for you to play and reclaim your innocence’s,
share the joy of who you are. You are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.
I love you my sweet sweet child, you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity.
It is time for you to play, laugh my sweet and dance your dance;
you are the only one who can, you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity. Remember who you are in time of lightness,
rejoice who you are in time of darkness,
reclaim who you are in time of forgetting
and share who you are my dear beloved with the world;
because you are magnificent, brilliant in your divinity. Awakenings

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