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Cosmic Birth

June 17, 2021

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The transformation of your physical world is about to enter a new level and there are some preparations being made now to welcome this new influx of light. There are some souls who are now experiencing an activation of their spiritual mission. Those who have been conscious of and working towards the manifesting of their spiritual life's work for a number of years are gong to be placed more directly into the circumstances and condition needed to activate their service to God.

There are also a large number of souls who have begun to awaken spiritually in the past few years, which will be entering into a new phase of their spiritual process. The awakening process has stages, and these steps have been accelerating in speed and intensity for a number of years now.

Sometimes there can be what feels like a very long, seemingly endless period of staying in the same relative stage of development, waiting and praying to move forward. You may feel as though God has forgotten you, as time passes and all that which you long for continues to be still unmanifest. Then suddenly, it all shifts, without warning and you may find yourself catapulted into a new stage of life, a new consciousness, or a completely new life.

There are many sudden changes ahead, and these will assist all souls to move more directly into a present moment awareness of the new light that is emerging on the Earth. You can prepare yourself by creating an intention to connect at the deepest level of your being with God within you. This simple prayer will clear the pathway between your divine soul nature and your physically embodied self, thereby opening you to inner spiritual guidance, intuition, and greater light.

There are also new supports now around you, made available by the growing presence of divine light on the Earth.

To receive these supports, ask and pray to be guided to those individuals and groups you need to be connected with now. These will begin to appear in your life, seemingly out of thin air, as that which was previously invisible begins to be revealed to the world.

This divine and holy time was pre-ordained before the dawn of time and is coming into manifestation now.

A new a sacred Earth is about to be born.

You are participating in this cosmic event which will deeply transform all of humanity. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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