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Cleansing Low Vibration Energy

June 16, 2021

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Precious ones, I am Amma, the divine mother of divine mothers,and I am your mother. You grew in my womb before your soul essence separated from the Oneness. I know who you truly are. I love every aspect of you. I love the things about you that you yourself don’t love. There is nothing you can do to stop me from enfolding my love around you. Even if you attempted to separate yourself from my love, I would be there accepting you, loving you, and waiting for you to discover who you truly are. Even if that doesn’t happen until you leave this body, I will be waiting for you, drawing you to me with my love for you.

The Mounting Intensity of Life on Earth Many are leaving their bodies—have you noticed? Have you noticed how some simply slip away and others leave in rather strange ways? Souls are making decisions as to whether they want to stay here or not. Some want to leave the way they have created themselves in this lifetime and come back quickly without the limitations they so wonderfully created for themselves.They want to come in a new body. Still other souls want to leave before the energies become even more intense, since they are having difficulty with the intensity currently present. What makes life intense? I’m not talking about the energies coming onto the planet. I’m not talking about the changes that are occurring everywhere on every level. I’m talking about your reactions to these changes. Your emotional response to what is happening around you is making things intense. Before I proceed any further, I’d like you to move into your heart source. Many of you already know of the heart source and how to live from that amazing aspect of yourselves. For some of you, this is new information. There are seven simple steps.

1. Enter the front of your heart chakra. 2. Enter the back of your heart chakra. 3. Enter the front of your brow chakra. 4. Enter the back of your brow chakra. 5. Connect your heart chakra to your third eye, imaging a beam of energy. 6. Move that beam of energy down to the center of the Earth. 7. Now move it up to the center of the universe.

You are now experiencing multidimensionality. You now are able to hear or read my words and know whether or not they are true for you. Most importantly, you will more easily be able to do the work that we will do today.

Working With Your Emotions The planet is changing, and your life is changing. You have felt your body shifting. There are aches and pains you haven’t had in a while. There are times you have great difficulty in sleeping and other times you can barely keep your eyes open. Many of you are having intense emotions that seemingly rise from now here—an intensity you thought was over. Your emotions are what we will work with today.What in your life has been the biggest struggle for you? Hasnit been abandonment or perhaps rejection? Maybe you struggle with what you perceive as the unfairness of life. This could present itself as working hard for little return, or it could be people completely misunderstanding your motives and intentions. Your struggles could be with relationships, self-confidence, prosperity,knowing what you are doing with your life, or any other area.Many of you have worked for years to resolve what you call your issues. You thought they were gone or at least greatly relieved. Suddenly they are part of your life with an intensity that has scared or disheartened you. My precious ones, all is going according to plan, and you are doing fine. You wonder if you have done anything wrong, but you have not. You are in perfect order with what is happening in this world of yours. You are clearing everything that is holding down your vibration.Let’s say you are cleaning your window. You use your fluids and scrubbers to clean off the grunge. Compared to what it looked like before, it is glorious.

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