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All is One and One is All

June 17, 2021

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The best things in life are free, they can be hidden deep within ourselves or others.
We search all out life's for this everlasting happiness when it is actually our essence.....
God is within us all and were there is God there is heaven, happiness, ever lasting bliss,
unconditional love, miracles.
We hold our dreams our happiness in our core, nothing of society
or the material world can come close to this feeling or bliss. He's in the trees, the people, the animals, the landscapes, the painters painting,
the thoughts of everyone. Don't let society, government, religion or any sort of outside influence haze
this deep feeling. For we are all one and ultimately are cut from the same clothe
when we leave this material world no matter background, culture, race, or how high you are in society. We have the opportunity to create a physical hell or heaven on earth,
a physical manifestation experience we are living every day through God/higher power/creation
and through unconditional love and realization anything is possible.
Without that part of god we are there would be no hope or spiritual enlightenment.
Progress of becoming more like ones true essence/purity/oneness with God would
be non existent, bodies without hosts. Robots. There would be no good no evil. Just physical bodies without guidance, direction or fulfillment.Thankfully for us that light and essence is in everything and anything and will be for infinity
and beyond no matter how much darkness consumes our worlds and realties his light is for
eternity and will always exist within us. Free will. ~ Tori Macgrath

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